One last ride

finished pots.jpg

The family loads the finished ceramic vessels for the market. With imagination (and a review of our previous POTDs!), one can visualize the production process. Just behind the truck and to the left are piles of raw clay dug from the mountain. Beyond and to the right of the truck is a settlement basin and the workshop. Just behind the car is a kiln. Apart from the electric motor used to the spin the wheel, the truck used to transport the clay to the production center, and the truck used to transport the finished product to market, every aspect of pottery production is accomplished by human muscle and simple tools. It is a labor intensive enterprise, to say the least.

Envisioning how this process looked in the biblical period is the challenge. Obviously, some things have changed, but many are exactly the same.

This production facility is located just outside al-Khalil (Hebron), Palestine.