Tire soot

Kiln of Abu Ali (Akabat Jeber) 2.jpg

Here is another view to Abu Ali's ceramic kiln in Aqabat Jeber. The firebox is visible enough, the dark hole in the center of the photograph. Soot from tires used as fuel has collected on the stoney face of the kiln. On either side of the opening are the metal bands from the tire remains pulled from the firebox. 

Ceramics are top-loaded through a hole not visible in this shot.

The young man stands on a platform used as a staging area for pots. Compare this view with the image posted here.  The building behind him is the potter's workshop.

Aqabat Jeber is a Palestinian refugee camp located some three kilometers from Jericho. At one time, the population of this camp totaled 30,000 persons. Water shortages, electrical problems, and sewage issues complicate life on this sweltering plain.