Potshop art, settlement basins


Even after three decades of classroom teaching I find myself amazed by the talents and creativity of our college students. One young lady took on the challenge of illustrating aspects of traditional potmaking in Palestine. Using photographs like the ones recently shared here in our POTD, she began to paint. We talked, she imagined, she painted some more. In the end she presented me with a marvelous piece of art that has hung in my office for many years.

Here is one detail of her work showing a potter mixing clay slurry. Three basins in a series are pictured. These basins look like those of Abu Ali and Azmi in Aqabat Jeber (cf. here). To the right of the basins are piles of raw clay dug from the mountainside (cf. here). Towards the left is a hoe for moving and mixing sediment and sand. 

She is a terrific artist, don't you think?