Stroll. Fish. Read.

The harbor of Old Yafo (Joppa, Iopê) is a good place to enjoy a Mediterranean sunset. We stroll, fish, read. If you happen to be perusing Greek mythology, you may encounter the tale of how fair Andromeda was chained in the surf to appease a sea-monster. Some (I'm thinking of Strabo now; here's the text) locate that event here. Other (Josephus, of course) even know where to find her chain marks among the rocks (See text here)!

If you happen to be reading the Hebrew Bible, you may come across the accounts of Jonah or Solomon. The reluctant prophet, like Andromeda, was pitched into the waves as a kind of offering. In his case, however, the sea creature that arose proved not to be his nemesis, but his rescuer (See text here). For Solomon, Joppa's harbor was not a point of departure but reception. Logs were rafted here from the mighty forests of the north, then dragged overland to build the YHWH temple in Jerusalem (See text here).

Finally, if you are reading Luke's account of the early church, you know that it was in Joppa that the Apostle Peter peered toward the sea. He envisioned a billowing sail that did not power a ship but a movement. This movement carried the church from this place into the Gentile world (See text here). 

As I said: stroll, fish, read.