Cereal party!

Today we contemplate a holiday of many names: Shavuot, Weeks, Firstfruits, or Pentecost. Like other holidays in the Hebrew Bible, this one harkens back to a time when agricultural activities dominated the calendar. The word Shavuot is Hebrew for "weeks" and is celebrated seven weeks after Passover. It is one of three pilgrimage festivals prescribed in the Bible; ancient Israel was commanded to gather at the Jerusalem temple, rejoice, and present offerings to God.

For a sampling of Torah instructions about Shavuot, see texts herehere and here.

From a New Testament perspective, the occasion is marked by the events of Acts 2 (read it here). According to this narrative, pilgrims practicing Shavuot gathered in Jerusalem and witnessed the surprising birth of the Church. As in the book of Ruth (traditionally read on Shavuot), the text suggests a staggering redefinition of the People of God.

I thought a picture of a grainfield in the area of Ruth's home in ancient Moab (south of Amman, Jordan) would be an appropriate POTD.

Hag Sameah!