Roll your own

Mercy! Here's a throwback to yesteryear!

David Hasan helps me load 35 mm film canisters for use in our work at the archaeological site of Tell Jawa, Jordan. Thirty years ago, we carried bulk rolls (black and white), rolled them into canisters, exposed and developed them, then printed all relevant field photographs. Fortunately, we had excellent facilities that season at ACOR (the American Center for Oriental Research) in Amman. But even in that environment, as I recall, we were plagued by dust and poor ventilation.

Prints from field shots were carefully labeled and returned to square supervisors. These were pasted in field books (3-ring binders) that served as a "diary" for every excavated square or unit. Field books were primary sources for those preparing site reports.

Kodachrome slide film (which we could not roll or develop) was carried to the Middle East as well. We exposed this, then carried it back home in lead lined bags to protect them from airport x-ray machines. You never knew until Kodak mailing arrived--sometimes weeks or months later--if you got the shot! 

Needless to say, the advent of digital photography has simplified this process greatly.