Creepy crawly

Archaeological sites in the Bible Lands continue to host inhabitants, even if they're not people. This is a centipede common to the Mediterranean basin. It can easily grow to lengths as long as your finger, but don't let your fingers mess with him. His first set of his "legs" are actually tiny claws, or forcipules, that can cut skin and inflict a nasty bite. Like others in the centipede family, he packs a load of venom.

Scolopendra cingulata is a tiny predator that will eat anything that is smaller than it is. This includes crickets and worms and moths as well as other centipedes. They are often found under rocks or debris or in lightly compacted soil.

While diggers may fear such creepy-crawlies, I've never seen (or even heard) of anyone being bitten by one in the field.