The line from Cap Bon

Standing on the ramparts of the fort at Kélibia (Qulaybiyah), Tunisia, I capture a view to the north. The sea laps at the mountainous point on the far horizon. That is the region of Huwariyah and the very tip of Cap Bon.* From this tip it is about 50 miles to the Italian island of Pantelleria and another 40 miles from there to Sicily. This imaginary line crosses the gap at the narrowest point of the Mediterranean (excluding the Strait of Gibraltar) and effectively divides the sea into two basins. Of the two, the eastern basin is more familiar to the Bible reader. Only after Paul's shipwreck described in Acts 27-28 does the Apostle venture west of this line.

Incidentally, on the coastal plain below lies the site of Kerkouane. We'll go there another day.

*Pliny the Elder refers to Cap Bon as the "Promontory of Mercury." See the text from his Natural History here.