The Arab Bridge over the Red Sea

Yesterday, in memory of D-Day, I posted a brief note on the Suez. See it here. Today we leap the Sinai peninsula to the eastern finger of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba.

As the slow ferry (there is a "fast" tourist one for sissies) leaves the port of Aqaba, Jordan, we catch an evening view to the stern where the Wadi Aravah (Great Rift Valley) slips beneath the waters of Red Sea. Four countries converge on this short stretch of beach: Jordan, Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The line is called the "Arab Bridge" as locals are unable to pass the borders of Israel. This is the rusty bypass.

We mass on the steel deck because there is no air conditioning below. It is easily 100 degrees F in the sun. The premium seats are not seats at all but spaces where you can sit cross legged in the shade.

Our destination on this sweltering summer night of 1994 was the port of Nuweiba. Our ultimate goal: climbing the traditional Mt Sinai for the first time.