Dirty jobs

mixing suspended matter in 2nd basin.jpg

In this second settlement basin, additives are mixed with the clay-water slurry. Azmi adds more sand. He stirs it in carefully, seeking an even mix.

This work of clay preparation is both laborious and ancient. As I watch it I am reminded of a humorous piece of literature as old as father Abraham. Somewhere in the midst of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1700 BC) a scribe named Dua-Khety ridiculed a variety of "blue collar" jobs in a piece known as The Satire on the Trades. Among those spoofed is the potter: 

"The potter is covered with earth, although his lifetime is still among the living. He burrows in the field like a pig to bake his cooking vessels. His clothes are stiff with mud . . ." 

White collar types can sure be an arrogant lot. Where's Mike Rowe when you need him?

(For more on the Satire, see here.)