la fontaine de Roland

First fountain 6.JPG

Bob fills his bottle and drinks from the Fountain of Roland. The fountain is located high in the Pyrénées on the border between France and Spain. It serves hikers on this initial leg of the Camino de Santiago. Rumor has it that Charlemagne himself sipped from this source.

As mentioned in yesterday’s story (posted here), the rearguard of Charlemagne’s army was cut off by local skirmishers in the Battle of Roncesvaux Pass (AD 778) in this vicinity. The rearguard fought to the last man, giving Charlemagne the precious time he needed to evacuate the rest of his troops. The sacrificial leadership of the rearguard commander was memorialized in 4,000 lines of verse known as the Song of Roland. It is one of the oldest pieces of French Literature (dating from the 12th century); by means of it Roland is forever held high as the example of the virtuous Christian knight.

Bob and I appreciate the cold water offered in his name.

Buen Camino!

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