The gap between

View from Sanctuary I to Sanctuary II.JPG

The sanctuary area at Palaepaphos, Cyprus seems to have been used from the Late Bronze Age into the Roman period. However, the structures that have survived the ravages of time cluster into two groups. Sanctuary I seems to have been the original focus of the site. It was erected in the Late Bronze Age (13th-12th c BC). Sanctuary II dates to the 1st or 2nd centuries A.D. 

The millennial gap between these two periods of time is infilled by excavations elsewhere. Notable among these is the work by Maria Iacovou. Her excavations of an "economic-administrative citadel" to the east of the sanctuary area have recently concluded (2016). See here for more.

This view peers from the Bronze Age courtyard to the Roman Period remains of the area associated with the Sanctuary of Aphrodite.