Moses and his seat

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I couldn't resist this shot. Dr Robert Moses of High Point University humored me today by posing beside a replica of "the seat of Moses." This famous artifact, cut from a single block of basalt, was found at the site of Chorizim (Khirbet Karazeh), Israel. Today it can be seen just inside the door of the reconstructed synagogue.

In Matthew 23 Jesus ridicules those who posed as the "official" interpreters of Torah. They wore the right clothes, carried weighty titles, and sat in "Moses's seat." However, they did not assist others in finding God; they only made the task more difficult.

I can assure you Robert is not that kind of guy.

Whether this "seat of Moses" referred to in Matt 23:2 is meant to be interpreted literally or figuratively (or if the artifact pictured above is actually such a thing) continues to be discussed. See articles here and here for more.

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