Our lines in the sand

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As the paint peels off this artistic display on a street in Beit Jala, a vision dissipates. The writing at the bottom reads sanaoud, roughly, "we will be back again." The notion of reunited families (both Christian and Muslim) is captured in the symbolism. A boat with a Palestinian flag is pushed home by billowing sails.

Just as blustery is the vision of the Israeli right. "Jerusalem Day" is a myth at best; an excuse for a hate parade at worst. Triumphalism brings unity like oppression brings peace. 

Fortunately there is a third option. Some might call it a dream. If so, call me a dreamer. One day, when the time is right, heaven and earth will be folded together (see here). I suspect those grasping for a nation of their own and those who are struggling mightily to grip one will be surprised at His indifference to the lines we draw in the sand.

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