Jumbo pool noodles?


The waterpark at the base of the Herodium (Jabal al-Fureidis > "Paradise Mountain") is extravagant.

Begin by acknowledging that the site chosen as a pleasure palace by Herod the Great (the baby-killer of the Christmas story) is located on the edge of the Judean Wilderness. Water is in short supply here.

Add to this context an engineering effort that constructed a reservoir twice that of an Olympic-size swimming pool. It was 10 feet deep! In the center was a circular island, likely presented in a classical tholos design. One could swim or even boat to the island in such a desert "lake."

Finish it by surrounding the installation with courtyards. These culminated in rows of columns with Ionic capitals and stucco painted walls.

I wonder where they kept the jumbo pool noodles?

This is extravagance. First century Herodian extravagance.

Group photo at Museum 3.JPG

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