About here somewhere

IMG_20180525_094234265 copy.jpg

Bible Land Explorers Joy and Sonia help me fix our location.

The summer haze makes flying by visual flight rules (VFR) difficult. The map helps. We are standing on top of the Masada mesa with the Dead Sea Basin hiding behind us (you'll just have to take my word for it).

The site of Masada plays a rich role in the history of the region. Herod the Great (the "Baby-killer" of the Christmas story) built a wondrous fortress-palace here. 

Joy and Sonia are part of a study-group from the Cumberland Community Church in Smyrna, Georgia.

Intrepid travelers who desire a more intimate view to the landscape of the gospels should consider walking across Galilee on the Jesus Trail, January 8-16, 2019. Vehicle support is provided and will return the group each night to the hotel. Contact me directly at markziese@gmail.com if interested. The trip is priced from New York at $2,588. See itinerary here.