Spring forward

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Students find cold drinks in the plaza in front of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth. Dr Robert Moses, group leader and good friend, is in the upper right. Dr. Moses serves as Assistant Professor of Religion (New Testament) at High Point University. These High Point students are in Israel as part of a study abroad program.

The Greek Church of the Annunciation (or St Gabriel's Greek Orthodox Church) straddles a spring that served as a primary water source for the village of Nazareth. Tradition suggests that Mary was drawing water from this spring when the angel Gabriel appeared to her with the message that she would bear a son (see Luke 1:26-48 here).

Dr. Mark Ziese, Dean of the School of Bible and Theology at Johnson University, manages the website Bible Land Explorer and teaches regularly in the Biblical heartland. You are invited to join Mark and Vicki for a Mediterranean Cruise in October, 2018. Onboard lectures will focus on Paul's fourth missionary journey. See the link here for details.