Deep roots

20180625_183835 copy.jpg

Got off the plane in Paris and met up with Bob, my son-in-law. The two of us went for a walk and came across this lovely old stone church in Roissy-en-France. The door was open so we helped ourselves to a self-guided tour. It was a stout and stately old place with the all the smells of grandma's attic.

Literature inside identified the building as a parish catholic church called Saint-Éloi. Much of what we saw today was relatively modern (17th or 18th century). However, this is the region of Roman Gaul (1st c BC - 5 c AD) and so we were not surprised to discover that probes have revealed older stonework beneath the present level. Some remains suggests construction that goes back to the 9th century while others may be as early as the 4th century AD.

Those are deep roots!

Bien camino!

Join Mark and Vicki for a Mediterranean experience in October, 2018. We'll be cruising aboard the luxurious Celebrity Reflection. See the link here for details. Onboard lectures will provide focus as we visit the ports of Malta, Rhodes, Santorini, and Athens among others. An optional add-on visit to Rome is possible on either end of the trip.