On the Sea of Galilee

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A day on the water is a day well spent. A day on the Sea of Galilee is a day well spent in Israel-Palestine.

Despite its enormous reputation, the Sea of Galilee is quite small. At its widest it measures thirteen by eight miles. Some would call that a lake.

Those who refer to it in antiquity use labels like yam (Heb) or thalassa (Gk) "sea," limne (Gk) "lake," or bahr (Arab) "body of water." 

Biblical labels include Lake Kinneret (after its shape, like a "harp"?), the Sea of Ginosar (after the name of the plain on its northwest corner), Lake Tiberias (after the name of the primary town in the region), or the Sea of Galilee (after the mountainous region to the west).

Intrepid travelers who desire a more intimate view to the landscape featured in the gospels should consider walking across Galilee on the Jesus Trail, January 8-16, 2019. Vehicle support is provided and will return the group each night to a hotel. Contact me directly at markziese@gmail.com if interested. The trip is priced from New York at $2,588 and will be limited in size. See itinerary here.