Trail into Portomarín

Trail to Portomarin 2.JPG

The trail across Galicia still has its ups and downs, but has mellowed considerably. Yesterday I followed this trace and dropped into the valley of the Río Miño. On the bank is the village of Portomarín.

I checked into a pensión for two nightsI've not taken a full day off since I started this journey across Spain. With the final push just ahead, I'd thought take a breather (and be sure I'm bedbug free).

Ate two bowls of Galician broth at dinner last night. It is local dish of beans and potatoes mixed with lots of parsnip tops. Sometimes there's a little meat in it, but I didn't spot any. The texture was thick and chunky and the flavor was good. Still, I'd would trade a barrel of the stuff for a Taco Bell Big Box right now.

Buen caminó!


As lovely as Galician broth may be, I doubt you'll be eating any if you join us for a Mediterranean cruise this October. See the link here for details. Naturally, we'll be visiting sensational sites but we'll also do some fine dining. Did you know that calls our ship, the Celebrity Reflection, "a food-lovers fantasy"? That got my attention!