James and John


I spent a day of rest in Santiago de Compostela. My plan was to visit several churches and monuments. As it turned out, I was pulled into my first planned stop and spent almost all of my energy there. Santiago's Museum of Pilgrimage was absolutely fascinating. There were three floors of informative and intimate displays with good light and English signage (in addition to Spanish). Artifacts, models, manuscripts, art and sculpture described the human impulse for spiritual travel in general, and the history of the Camino de Santiago specifically. 

Fresh ideas and data (for me) on James the Great needs to be incorporated into my effort to tell his story (see here, here and here if you haven't found it already). I am excited!

The painting above may be the work of Maestro de Ventosilla (early 16th century). Here he depicts the Apostles James and John. As is often the case, James is identified as the pilgrim with scallop shell, floppy hat, book, and walking staff.

Tomorrow we pull our boots back on and begin walking to the "coast of death" (I'm not kidding).


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