Art in a vault in a church?


It is not unusual to find a painting of our crucified Lord inside of a church building. However, it is unusual to find one in a vault like this. Of course, few country churches can can claim to have art of such exquisite value.

This crucifixion scene was a gift from a painter to a friend.

The painter happened to be a fellow by the name of Miguel Ángel. Have you heard of him? Maybe if I tried another spelling? Michelangelo. That's right. That Michelangelo.

Here is a link to a photograph of the art itself. 

Yesterday I posted a picture of schoolgirls on the stoop of the Co-cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda (Logroño, Spain). This painting may be found inside that building, in the ambulatory behind the altar. It is open to the public (or to walkers on the Camino).

Buen caminó!


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