Lean back for pan food


You will lean back in your chair when the server brings out the Spanish paella! 

Carried directly from the fire to the table in its own special pan (paella is derived from the Latin word for pan), it comes with a warning: "Don't touch!" It is bubbly, sticky, and delicious.

Ingredients in paella include rice, olive oil, and saffron. Beyond that, common gives way to the creative. Pictured here is standard paella of rice, chicken, and beans. Other cooks add seafood, rabbit, snails, artichokes . . . well, you get the picture. 

Paella seems to have originated in Valencia, the orange capital of the world. In that setting, the ideal paella is cooked over an open flame fueled by wood from citrus trees. Pine cones are added to the fire to produce a unique flavoring smoke.

It is a regularly featured dish on the Camino Francés.

Note: You will lean back in your chair when you are finished as well. I promise.

Buen caminó!

I hope to exhibit some self control while dining aboard the luxury liner, the Celebrity Reflection. Care to join us? We'll be cruising the Mediterranean between October 11-22, 2018, eating great food, visiting famous port cities, and talking about "the Great Sea" in the New Testament period. See the link here for details. An optional add-on visit to Rome is possible on either end of the trip. Consider this your invitation!