Peaceful Bayonet-ville


This town in southern France may have received its modern name from the Basques. They were the first to use the bayonet, a thrusting blade attached to the end of a firearm. It is possible that this musket modification was sharpened in this peaceful place, hence its name, Bayonne.

Archaeologists have poked the ground here a few times retrieving coins, potsherds, and the remains of what was likely a small Roman fort built along the riverbank (for a POTD on the river and its folk in the time of Julius Caesar see here).

Before it was Bayonne, the place was likely known as Lapurdum. Lapurdum is mentioned in the Notitia Dignitatum, a document that describes the Western Roman Empire in the early 5th c AD. At that point in history the region was writhing in the throes of crisis, overrun by Germanic tribes. In case you’re curious, the name of the region at that time was Novempopulania. Take a stab at pronouncing that one.

Buen Camino!

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