Fountain inspection

Fountain 1.jpg

Bob inspects a water fountain along the road into Pamplona, Spain. Drinking water is readily available along the Camino. We filled our bottles from open fountains like this each day. Fountains without signs or fountains marked agua potable are safe for drinking. Only occasionally did we find a dry fountain or one marked non potable.

Not once in five weeks of hiking in France and Spain did I struggle with the ol’ traveler’s malady. Of course, going into it with a gutfull of bacteria from the Middle East is pretty good prep.

Buen Camino!


The Sea of Galilee is at the end of our journey as we hike the Jesus Trail in January, 2019. Following our hike we’ll head south for a quick visit in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. You are most welcome to join us, but realize that the window for signing-up is closing very soon. Click here for more information or email me directly at