One of 12,000


Yesterday I shared an image of a Galician cruceiro from Sarria (see here). While it communicated the texture of the granite from which the crucifix was cut and the iconography of the Christ and Mary figures upon it, it did not capture overall sense of the monument.

I came across this more austere presentation in the town of Portomarín, Spain. It was standing in the courtyard outside the apse of the Iglesia de San Xoán (see our image of the church here). This shot captures the feature design of the traditional Galician cruceiro from ground to sky. At the bottom is the platform and pedestal. Rising from this is the shaft. Atop the shaft is the crucifix. As in Sarria, Christ and Mary are pictured on the crucifix, facing opposite directions. It is tall and slender: perhaps four meters in height.

While no one knows for sure how many cruceiros have survived the ravages of time and traffic in this region of northwest Spain, one estimate suggests there may be as many as 12,000 still standing (see here).

Note the lovely red flower someone left on the base.

Buen Camino!

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