Gare de Bayonne

20180628_102732 copy.jpg

For explorers in the Basque region of France, the town of Bayonne figures into the plan. It is a local capital seated on the banks of the Nive and Ardour Rivers. Bridges lace the place together and give it a "little Paris" feel.

The train station, pictured here, is often the first spot where the foot hits the ground. The Gare de Bayonne is a part of the late 19th century rail system that provides connectivity to the Bordeaux region (just to the north) and beyond. The facade and clock tower have more character than the interior of the station, but it gets the job done.

Just in case you're interested Bayonne's sister city, Biarritz, is the surfing capital of Europe.

Dude. I didn't see any boards on the train.

Buen caminó!


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