Serious about lunch


Dedicated Jesus Trail walkers are serious about lunch. Actually, they are pretty serious about breakfast and dinner too. But who counts calories when distance walking in rugged terrain?

Today we walked over the Horns of Hattin, visited the traditional site of the tomb of Jethro (the father-in-law of Moses), and followed the Wadi el-Hamam (Arbel Valley) eastward. It was a challenging hike, but nothing that this intrepid group couldn’t handle.

John, Diane, and Virgil are pictured here.


Our current group of Bible Land Explorers are walking the Jesus Trail, a 65 km hike across Galilee. In addition to eating good lunches, we are walking, talking, and experiencing sites associated with the Gospel story.

For a list of travel opportunities in 2019, see our schedule here. You may also contact me at for more details.