Bows and rainbows

2019-01-08 14.45.07.jpg

A rainbow appears in the sky after a winter rain in Lower Galilee.

It arcs toward the broken remnants of volcanic activity on the right side of the image. These elevated heights are known as the Horns of Hattin and are famous as the battle site that brought the 1st Crusade to an end in AD 1187. The war-bows of Salah-ed-Din won that day.

The war-bow (Hebrew qeshet) is mentioned on numerous occasions in the Bible. Curiously, it appears in the story of Noah (Gen 9:13-16). There, it is offered as a promise (or covenant), but don’t overlook the ancient imagery. After the flood, God hangs his weapon—the war-bow—on the wall, saying, in essence, “I won’t use that one again.”

For more on bows and rainbows, check out our observations from the slopes of Mt Ararat. You can find it here.

I shot this image while soloing the Jesus Trail a few weeks ago.


Our next adventure in the land of the Bible is slated for March 12-23, 2019. We’ll be doing a study-tour with Master’s-level students in Johnson University’s residency program. I’m already excited. Student trips are always fast-paced, high-energy, and full of great conversation.

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