Coming off the horns


The descent between the Horns of Hattin and Nabi Shu'ayb has some short, steep, but manageable drops. I suppose some might try it in flip-flops but with lots of boulders, slippery mud, and a pack on your back, I would encourage a more stable trail shoe.

Apart from wind and mud, our January trek experienced good conditions everyday.

Note the (1) bovine welcoming committee below, and (2) the limestone quarry biting into the hills of Galilee (near Turan) on the distant horizon.

I’ve offered tidbits about the history and our experience of the Horns of Hattin elsewhere. See here and here for example.

I believe this photo came from the camera of Bible Land Explorer Gale Cochell (please correct me if I’m wrong!).


Our most recent group of Bible Land Explorers just completed a walk along the Jesus Trail, a 65 km trek across Galilee. The Trail crosses the traverses the Horns of Hattin as it approaches the Sea of Galilee.

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