Winter sunset in Galilee


It is tough to complain about winter temperatures in the Heartland when much of the US is being blasted by arctic air today.

Winters in Galilee are wet and cool (40s and 50s F). It can drop below freezing and snow does fall, but it doesn’t stick around very long.

I’ve hiked the Jesus Trail four times in January. Twice we experienced clear skies. Twice we were washed regularly by cold rain. We always got muddy. Winter hikes are an iffy proposition. Come prepared if this is your choice.

Of course, you can try it mid-summer. I’ve hiked it a couple of times in July and got baked. Go figure.

I shot this image of a January sunset from the window of my hotel room in Kibbutz Lavi.

on the trail 2.jpg

Our most recent group of Bible Land Explorers just completed a walk along the Jesus Trail, a 65 km trek across Galilee. The Trail crosses the Plain of Gennesaret as it approaches Capernaum.

For a list of travel opportunities in 2019, see our schedule here. You may also contact me at for more details.