Patron saint and paved street


Why of course he has his own street! He is the patron saint of Bible Land Explorers of the 20th century.

Sample this prose:

“Surely there is no region of earth where Nature and history have more cruelly conspired, where so tragic a drama has obtained so awful a theatre. The effect of some historical catastrophes has been heightened by their occurrence amid scenes of beauty and peace. It is otherwise here. Nature, when she has not herself been, by some convulsion, the executioner of judgement, has added every aggravation of horror to the cruelty of the human avenger or the exhaustion of the doomed. The history of the Dead Sea opens with Sodom and Gomorrah, and may be said to close with the Massacre of Masada.”

G. A. Smith’s Historical Geography of the Holy Land set the standard for biblical geographers. Read the 7th edition (1901) of his book here.


We are packing our bags to come home, but Jerusalem is always on the horizon.

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