Excavations at Dan, 1989

T-1, 1989.jpeg

Thirty years have passed since I took this picture of the excavations at Dan (Tell el-Qadi), Israel. Thirty years.

This is where we spent the bulk of that season. It is adjacent to the “high place” and affectionately remembered as T-1. Running through T-1 (from bottom to top of this scanned slide) was the wall of an enormous building that was dated by Avraham Biran to the Assyrian period. The northern face of the wall was marked by pilasters (the fella with the red shirt is leaning on one). Areas of flooring came to light, complete with smashed ceramic vessels.

One jar, as I recall, was fairly intact. There was still cereal inside and the skeleton of a Iron Age mouse on top of the cereal. I trust his last meal was a good one.

Scan 53.jpeg

Oh my. At least the Chuck Taylors are still in style.

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