Kfar Nahum from Afar

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Kfar Nahum in the old tongue suggests the “Village of Nahum.” This Nahum is not the prophet of the Old Testament, although evidence at this fishing village reportedly stretches back to the second millennium BC. This is an unknown Nahum whose name is associated with the place remembered by the Gospels as “Jesus’s home” (see Mark 2:1).

A friend let me borrow his 200mm lens which nicely captured both the Orthodox and Catholic sides of the site from the parking lot at the Church of the Beatitudes.

Capernaum is located on the northern edge of the Sea of Galilee. The shoreline of the eastern edge of the lake is visible in the distance.


The art of pilgrimage is not easily learned. It involves a journey, most certainly, but not the journey of a tourist who seeks to appease the obvious senses only. The pilgrim seeks to satisfy a deeper longing, the need to find his/her place in the world.

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