Five-star? Add a million more.

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Some hotel stays are forgettable—the location is noisy, the beds have standard sheets, the salad bar looks old, and the concierge is rude.

Others hotel stays you remember the rest of your life. They have it all: inimitable style, discreet (but sharp) service, destination restaurant-worthy food, a balcony view, and more.

You make your choice. I’ll make mine. Then we’ll compare notes.

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I spent several weeks in Africa this year but my regular work is focused on Israel-Palestine. If you are a pastor, church leader, or educator who is interested in leading a trip to the lands of the Bible, let me hear from you. We partner with faith-based groups to craft and deliver academic experiences. Leaders receive the same perks that other agencies offer, at competitive prices, and without the self-serving interests that often derail pilgrim priorities.