Look down at the ceiling

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The trail upslope from Karanga Camp is a slow grind. There are plenty of opportunities to look around and contemplate the great alpine desert that begins where the shrubby moorland ends. Note the clouds socking in the African hills below.

By this point all of Kilimanjaro’s popular routes (Machame, Shira, and Lemosho) are joined for a single run (metaphor! metaphor!) to the summit. All trekkers are ferried to the base camp at Barafu (15,239 feet). The trail is not particularly difficult at this stretch; the challenge is simply one of physical adaptation and altitude.

According to Wikipedia (see here), the average summit success rate across all climbers and routes on Kilimanjaro is 65%.


Bryan catches his breath on the trail to Barafu Camp.

I play in Africa but my “real” summer work is in Israel-Palestine.

If you are a pastor, church leader, or educator who is interested in leading a trip to the lands of the Bible, let me hear from you. I partner with faith-based groups to craft and deliver outdoor academic experiences. Leaders receive the same perks that other agencies offer, at competitive prices, and without the self-serving interests that often derail pilgrim priorities.

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