Frozen on the equator


The glaciers of Kibo’s rim are visible above Barafu Camp. In order to reach that icy summit by sunrise we go to bed after dinner and try to get a few hours of sleep. The wake-up call comes at 10:00 pm. We try to eat something (altitude has a way of suppressing the appetite) and depart the camp by starlight at 11:00 pm.

Packs are stripped to essentials. Water bottles are wrapped in socks and buried upside down in the pack. Water freezes in the mouths of bottles carried right-side up and renders them useless. Exposed bottles freeze solid before sunrise.

So do fingers, by the way.

This photograph of Barafu Camp was taken by Mohammed my tent-mate.

Ice in water bottle 1.jpg

Even before summit night we’ve had troubles with ice forming in unprotected bottles. Drinking hoses and pack-bladders are useless in these conditions.

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