Going down

View to Kibo fm rainforest 2.jpg

Coming down from a mountain feels more laborious than going up. Our 2019 experience of Kilimanjaro proved this once again.

Going the distance no sleep is an effort, but that’s not what beats you up. It’s the elevation (and absence of adrenalin!). After climbing through the night to reach the summit, we turn and walk off the cap and lose 9,000 feet. It is a difficult 9,000 too; much of it follows a boulder strewn wash. The brain is tilted and the knees are gone.

Ambrose demonstrates how to skip from the top of one boulder to another with a full pack. I tell him that my shock-absorbers won’t let me do that anymore. I would lose teeth before it was over.

I turn and shoot one last pix of the mountain. We have covered the distance from that frosty head to the steamy embrace of a rainforest.

Colobus monkeys 1.jpg

Colobus monkeys clamor in the trees overhead. Their distinctive black and white markings make me think of tree-climbing skunks.

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