Headed for the Ark?


While this menagerie appears to be coming to Noah “two by two, from everything that breathes,” it is really just a Maasai herd passing through. The Maasai are pastoralists who live in East Africa. They have traditionally been cattle-farmers. They prefer the small shorthorn breed known as the Zebu and consume its meat, milk, and blood.

In times of scarcity the Maasai will also add goats to the herd. Goats are (obviously!) smaller than cattle, have less water needs, can consume more diverse vegetation, and tolerate the heat a little better.

Looks like a couple of donkeys are in thrown in there for good company.

I step to the side and let them pass. Their herder has a red cape wrapped around his shoulder and carries a stick. He gives me a Hollywood grin as he passes.


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