An archaeologist's rig? (part 13)

Greece 144.jpg

Of all the rides featured in this stunning series few have reached the pinnacle of the sublime.

That just changed.


If this doesn’t sweeten your Valentine’s Day, you are truly a cold being.

I came across this engineering marvel on the island of Mykonos, Greece, many years ago. If the creator is still alive, I’m sure it is still running. At least parts of it are. In something.

Johnny Magic and travelers copy 2.jpg

While touring in Israel-Palestine, we use a slightly larger vehicle. Our standard coach seats 50, has lots of glass, air-conditioning, wifi, and often is labeled Mercedes. Wheelmen like “Johnny Magic” pictured here (center) are key to our safety and success. I couldn’t do what I do without these dear friends.

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Marsamxett Harbor, Malta


Almost twenty years ago I had a chance to visit Malta with my son. We traveled by boat, city bus, and bicycle on all three islands of this famous Mediterranean archipelago.

I'm excited about the opportunity to return in October of 2018, and hoping you will join us! We will conclude and end in Rome, but cruise to a number of islands and sites along the way. These include Sicily, Mykonos, Rhodes, and Santorini. Naturally, we can't miss the dazzling displays at Athens, Corinth, Naples and Pompeii.

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