Notre Dame

He cheated and still lost

judgement scene.JPG

One could stand for a long time and stare at the myriad of details carved into the western façade of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Here, saints and kings, and priests, and prophets and popes and a great cloud of witnesses look down upon a great cloud of tourists with cameras and selfie-sticks.

Judgement Day is presented over the central portal. The dead rise from below. Christ is supreme on high. But between them is the scene pictured above. A pious soul is weighed on a scale by the Archangel Michael. Pitted against the righteousness of God is human sin. A demon from below pulls at it. Even the Satan himself, with grotesque face, has his thumb on the scale! But such cheating does no good. The scale tips in the favor of righteousness. 

Unfortunately other souls (to the right) did not fare so well. They are led away in chains to face the torturers.

It is a sobering presentation of Matthew 25:31-46 (see here).

This scene was likely carved in the decade between AD 1220-1230.

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