annual migration

A mixed-up mess


Listen to the sound these beasties make and you’ll know how they got their name.

“G-nu!'“ “G-nu!” Their grunt is comical, as is their appearance.

Although scientists consider the gnu as bovids generally and a member of the antelope family in particular, an ancient African tale suggests they are mix of many creatures. Part buffalo, part horse, part antelope . . . they present an odd appearance indeed.

The Dutch called this creature a “wild beast,” hence its other name, wildebeest.

We enjoyed the noises and social behaviors of this group at Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania. Unfortunately, we were not able to observe their annual migration through the region; this movement of millions is a wonder of the natural world.

Where does this creature appear in the Bible?

In the Gnu Testament of course!


We hobnobbed in Africa for the better part of July, but are home now, making plans for future study-tours in the lands of the Bible.

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