Tomato jam


The morning meal of tortilla de patatas that I favored on the Camino Francés was not so popular in the northwest corner of Spain. I'm not sure why. I had to find other options.

Here's one.

Toast a couple of hunks of bread. Smear with tomato jam (Portuguese Doce de Tomate).* Dip or sprinkle with olive oil  (note the plastic sprinkle bottle with all the table essentials: salt, pepper, and olive oil). Augment it with a couple of thin slices of pork and a cup of cafè americano.

Don't think toast and jelly. Think pizza. 

Bingo. Trail ready.

Buen caminó!

*See here for more on this Portuguese-style condiment.


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A good way to tarta your day

20180726_085957 copy.jpg

It won't get you very far down the trail, but a Tarta de Santiago and a cup of coffee with leche contributes to a good mental start. 

The cake is a traditional sweet often eaten for breakfast in the Galician region of Spain. It is dense and fruity, full of almonds, cinnamon, and citrus zest. It is baked in a circular pan and dusted with powdered sugar--except for a the symbol of Saint James that is stenciled on the top.

I eat mine sitting on a plastic chair at a plastic table. The umbrellas that protect the afternoon diners (and card players) are not yet open.  

Check out this video here if you want to make this sweet treat in the place where you are. 

Buen caminó!


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