Mike Taylor captured this inviting image of a cup of coffee. It is the essence of Arab hospitality. If only Mike could capture the essence of cardamum as well!

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“Thank you brother Mark for the way of teaching people more about the land here, both biblical times and modern, but also introducing them to the living stones in the land.”

Saleem Hanna
Pastor, Christian Holyland Foundation

Susan Ruth (far left) and some of the 2019 Jesus Trail crew.

Susan Ruth (far left) and some of the 2019 Jesus Trail crew.

“Hiking the Jesus Trail was one of the most important things I have done in my life. It gives you time to meditate, reflect, and truly experience these ancient cities and sites. Walk it, really. And go with Dr. Mark Ziese.”

Susan Ruth
Participant, 2019 Jesus Trail

“Adventure guaranteed with Mark Ziese!”

Candace Perkins
Participant, 2018 Aegean Cruise

Didi and Shannon (far left) enjoy a shwarma stop in Nazareth with our 2018 Fam Group.

Didi and Shannon (far left) enjoy a shwarma stop in Nazareth with our 2018 Fam Group.

 "I just wanted to thank you for guiding us through the Holy Land tour. We were truly blessed by the experience, which was absolutely connected to your skill and giftedness in teaching/storytelling and insight. I know it is going to be a few days for me to unpack all my thoughts and feelings about what we experienced. But I know I will never forget it."

                                                                                                                          John ("Didi") Bacon                                                                                     Senior Minister, Mt Carmel Christian Church                                                                  Participant, 2018 Fam Trip to Israel/Palestine

"You certainly have a special gift . . . and I count our Texas group as being very blessed to have been under your tutelage. While I cannot say . . . how this experience has changed me personally, I do know that it has and will continue to impact my faith and my expressions of that faith in ways that will make me a more effective and endearing servant."

Ronald Gertson
Participant, 2017 Pilgrim-Tour to Israel-Palestine

"What I have been telling everyone most about is the value-added that you bring as an archaeologist and as a Christian scholar. I can’t imagine receiving this kind of information on any other tour in Israel. Now that I am physically caught up from the travel I am reading the New Testament over knowing that it will come alive for me thanks to your teachings."

Mark Fieger, Financial Advisor
Participant, 2015 Pilgrim-Tour to Israel-Palestine

Angela and an intrepid group of explorers afloat on the Sea of Galilee.

“Our group . . . best ever travel companions and Mark Ziese is the best tour guide of the Holy Land that I could imagine.”

Angela Swomley
Participant, 2014 Study-Tour to Israel-Palestine

Janet in an outdoor cafe, Turkey.

“This was a great experience!  I recommend this trip under your guidance to anyone wanting to broaden their worldview and explore the land where Christianity spread in its early years.”

Janet Sidebottom
Participant, 2013 Study-Tour to Turkey

Tim Perkins and a Pilgrim Tour from First Church of Christ, Burlington, Kentucky.

“My wife and I traveled with Mark to both Israel and Jordan this past summer, and can tell you he is the most interesting and informative guide we have ever experienced. His vast knowledge about the area allowed us to know when a site was authentic, traditionally upheld, or just a tourist stop. His background in both Old Testament and Archeology were invaluable to understanding the ancient sites and stories. His enthusiasm and tireless energy made the trip a top 5 ever for us, and I strongly and without reservation endorse Mark for your future Holy Land trip.”

Dr Tim Perkins, Orthodontist
Participant, 2012 Pilgrim Tour to Israel-Palestine (with Jordan extension)

Tom doesn't miss a beat. Cincinnati Christian University Study Tour, Hierapolis, Turkey.

In the years that I spent at the Cincinnati Christian University, “the highlights are without doubt the study tours I took to Israel and Turkey under the guidance and leadership of Mark Ziese. Mark has many qualities that make his tours memorable and outstanding. He is intellectual but never stiff. He has great story telling abilities and is personal, friendly and warm. Mark has a great personality and is very funny. Most of all, he is genuine and has a sincere love for God which is clearly visible through his teaching.  If you have an opportunity to go on a tour with Mark Ziese to the Holy Land, I guarantee that it will be an experience that will live on in memory for the rest of your life.”

Susan Humbert, Director of Small Groups, Whitewater Crossing Christian Church
Participant, 2006 Study-Tour to Israel-Palestine and 2009 Study-Tour of Turkey

“We recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Ziese with us for a ‘Weekend in the Dirt.’ He captivated us with the ‘theory’ of archaeology, fascinated us with its ‘application’ and encouraged us with a gospel message that brought together both the Old and New Testaments. Dr. Ziese taught with the perfect mix of wordsmith, entertainer, comedian, and down-to-earth-conversationalist. His humble and gracious attitude made for a warm and inviting atmosphere. We had a wonderful weekend and look forward to having him come again soon.”

Nathan Derico, Minister
Columbia Church of Christ

Mark Wilkerson works through a boulder wash on the slopes of Mt Ararat, Turkey.

“Can’t imagine taking a trip where Bible history is concerned without checking first to see if Mark Ziese (affectionately know as Dr Jones) is going.  It all comes alive with him.”

Mark Wilkerson, President, Life and Financial Services-OneAmerica Financial Partners
Participant, 2006 Study-Tour to Israel-Palestine-Egypt and member of Mt Ararat Climb team

Don and friends in Kusadasi Harbor, Turkey.

“Reflecting on one of the best trips I ever made 10 years ago when I enjoyed a Bible Study Tour of Paul’s missionary journeys with about 20 others from CCU. . .  We also enjoyed a 4 day cruise as a part of this tour . . . I even missed a beloved music conference to do this. It is time to get that US Passport renewed!”

Don Seevers, Worship Minister, Tates Creek Christian Church
Participant, 2003 Aegean Study-Tour


“This had to be the top of our lifetime travel opportunities ever . . .  We definitely have a new perspective on Palestinians! We certainly feel overly blessed to be in America. Our testimonies to what God has done are vibrant and alive now. . .  I am still in awe.”

Dr. Deborah L. Carter, President, Christian Early Education Services
Participant, 2013 Pilgrim Tour to Israel-Palestine

Melanie and classmates cruising on the Sea of Galilee.

Melanie and classmates cruising on the Sea of Galilee.


“For my friends who don’t know him personally, a tour with Dr. Ziese will leave you with a lifetime of memories and knowledge. “It belongs in a museum!” Ok, so he’s not the real Indiana Jones, but Dr. Ziese knows his archaeology!”

Melanie Toundas
Participant, 2006 CCU Student Study Tour to Israel-Palestine

Observe. Engage. Contemplate.