Pirates of Tell Jalul, Jordan

Shemuah (A “heard thing,” “report,” or “announcement”).

First, please accept my apology for the interruption. The last few weeks have been overwhelmingly busy. I hope to return to the Jesus Trail soon.

Second, hear my thanks to all who explore Bible Lands on a regular basis. Our mutual interest in things geographical, historical, biblical, and cultural drive this site. Recognize that your comments and questions are always welcome.

Third, know that I have recently accepted a teaching position on the Florida campus of Johnson University. Responsibilities are slated to begin in the fall semester of 2014. Sometime between now and then, Vicki and I must figure out how to make the move from Petersburg, Kentucky to Kissimmee, Florida. As you know, transplanting any living thing is dangerous business! This will be especially challenging, given our planned activities in the Middle East through the summer months.

I am delighted that the administration of Johnson University is committed to the mission of Exploring Bible Lands and has given me a strong message of encouragement. For this, I am grateful. Their sponsorship of the excavations at Khirbat al-Mudaybi, Jordan, and attention to the development of a first class archaeological museum on their Knoxville campus underline this message.

Likewise, I am grateful for the administration of the Cincinnati Christian University. For nearly a quarter of a century, they have readily stood behind our schedule of speaking engagements, sabbaticals, study-tours, and excavations.

Future travelers should note that several study-tours are already on the chalkboard for 2015. Development of these will continue without interruption. Likewise new partners are being sought as we expand this work in the future.

If you are interested in Exploring Bible Lands, either vicariously, through a weekend program in your church or school, or more actively, by means of a study-tour, let me hear from you. As always, we offer adventures off the beaten track. Moreover, because of our alliance with the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies, we are able to skirt the hassles of the big tour industry to deliver an experience that is truly educational and spiritual.

See you down the trail!

CCU student group in Jerusalem.