Transjordan, just briefly

Transjordan, Cisjordan Gaulanitis . . . 

Reading and walking, the words that we miss.

Transjordan, Cisjordan, and old Bashan . . .

Study this stuff and you'll surely catch on.

The Heartland of the Biblical World is traditionally divided into two halves: Cisjordan and Transjordan. The difference maker is the Jordan River. Modern political realities place Israel and Palestine on the West side of the Jordan (hence the term, "West Bank"). On the East side (or "East Bank") one discovers the counties of Syria and Jordan. These geographical areas have much in common, but obviously some differences as well.

We play through these similarities and differences in our regional study of the Bible Lands both in the classroom and while touring. By way of sample, here is the video short we use to introduce Transjordan in our online class. It was shot along a trail in occupied Syria (Golan Heights), just below an Anti-Crusader castle known as Qalaat al-Subaiba or Nimrod.